Scientific: Phoenicurus ochruros

Cymraeg: Tingoch Du

An irregular, for sale mostly autumn passage migrant and winter visitor; principally to the coast.

2, Carmarthen Bay Power Station, Burry Port, up to 28 January; 1 on 29 October with 2, 5 November & 1 December. 1, Pembrey, with 1 male and 3 female or imm., St. Ishmael, probably on passage, 31 September with 1 there, 18 December. Singles at Pwll, 20 November, & 11 December.; Llanelli, 29 & 30 December.; Llansteffan, 11 December.

Singles at Laugharne, Salmon Scar Point, and Burry Port in January Male and female, Banc y Lord, Cydweli, 13 November; Burry Port, November and December.

1, Llansteffan, 9 February; 1 in f.b.p. Machynys, 20 March. Late year, up to 2, at Machynys, Burry Port, Pembrey, Tywyn Point and Laugharne.

Singles, Machynys, 4 January; Pembrey Harbour, 16 January; Pembrey Country Park, several dates 14 November – 9 December.

Male, old R.O. factory, Pembrey, 10th; P & E Establishment, Pendine, 22 March; Female, Pembrey Country Park, 1 November; 2 December; 1 Llandeilo, 8 November and 14 December; Llansteffan, 6 December; 2, Burry Port Power Station, 22nd; 3 on 27 December.

2, Burry Port, 3rd, 13 January. Singles in November, Ferryside, Maesybont, Pembrey Country Park and Laugharne Burrows.

Single, Llandeilo, 7/8 January; Ginst Point, 10 April. 2 females, Carmarthen/Johnstown 22-27th; single, Penclacwydd, 28th; Llandovery 30 October; male, Burry Port, 21 December.

Min of 3, probably 5 individuals, Llandeilo churchyard, 7-20 November. 1, Laugharne Burrows, 17 November

Male, Pembrey Country Park 28th; Pendine Burrows, 30 October – 2 November.

Male, Laugharne 6 February; Laugharne Burrows 20 November.

One record in the first winter period at Ferryside: 1 from January to 29th February. The first spring passage record since 1988 was at Pendine Burrows: 1 on 20th May. There was a good scattering on autumn passage, with an influx in November; Llandeilo Churchyard: 1 on 2nd November, Crugybar: male on 21st to 22nd November, Pembrey Salting’s: 1 on 28th November, Carmarthen Rail Station: male and female /immature, Ferryside: 2 immature. Four records in the second winter period; Ferryside: 1 on 15th November and 20th December, Cydweli: female /immature, Burry Port power station: 1 from 25th November to 31st December, North Dock, Llanelli: 1 from 7th December to March 1993. An excellent year for the species with at least 11 individuals.

The first birds since 2000 were a female at Ffosddu for several days from 18th November and 1 at Telpyn Point on 31st December.

Pentre Davis throughout March.

Penclacwydd February 1st -4th, Laugharne February 2nd, Llanelli Town Centre November 2nd, Burry Port November 4th and 2 Salmon Scar Point November 13th.

Cynghordy October 4th, Saron, Ammanaford October 29th, Salmon Scar October 29th & November 11th and an adult male Burry Port Harbour December 8th and a different bird there December 11th.

A good showing with records as follows: Pentre Davis March 24th, RAF. Pembrey Sands October 17th, Salmon Scar Point October 30th, Laughame November 18th, and Burry Port Harbour November 19th & December 30th.