Scientific: Botaurus stellaris

Cymraeg: Aderyn y Bwn

An irregular winter visitor, often in hard weather; mostly to coastal marshes.

1, during January, February, with 2, end of March, Witchett Pool.

1, Witchett Pool, 19 February & 6 March.

2, Witchett Pool, January-February ; 1, Pilroath, Llangain, 14 January; 1, River Teifi, below Lampeter (joint county), 27 January.

1, Witchett Pool, 20 January; from 22 November-end December.

Singles, Witchett Pool, January, then November-December; River Teifi, below Lampeter (joint county), February.

1, Witchett Pool, January and 15 March where earlier in March, heard “booming”. 1 “booming”, Llangennech, Marsh.

Single, Witchett Pool, 16 November – end December; River Gwendraeth Fawr, Pontnewydd, 28 December.

Singles, Witchett Pool, January/February; River Gwendraeth Fawr, Pontnewydd, 5 October; Ffrwd Nature Reserve 26 November – 26 December; River Tywi, Abermarlais, Llangadog, 5 December.

Singles, near Ffrwd Nature Reserve 16th; near Carway, 20 January; Witchett Pool, January/February and 6 November; Penclacwydd WWT, 12 December.

Single, Witchett Pool, January; Ashpits Pond, Burry Port 6 January.

Witchett Pool: 1 on 19th January and 6th February. Penclacwydd: 1 on 6th November. A good year considering the mildness of both winter periods.

There were two records. Penclacwydd: 1 on 20th November and Witchett Pool: 1 on 22nd November and 1st to 2nd December.

One wintered at Penclacwydd, being seen on 23rd Jan, 17th – 26th February and 18th March and single birds were at Witchett Pool on 1st January, 9th March and 15th October. As in the previous 2 years all records were from these two sites.

All records were from the Witchett Pool with 1 on 2nd January, 2 on 12th February and singles on 7th November and 10th December.

There were 7 records at 3 sites. In the early winter period there were 2 at Witchett Pool on 11th February and 1 on 1st and 20th March and 1 at Penclacwydd in March.

The second winter period saw 1 at Witchett Pool on 26th November and 2 on 4th December and 1 at Ffrwd Fen also on 4th.

The only record was of 1 at Witchett Pool on 10th – 11th March.

There were 2 records of singles at Penclacwydd from 20th January – 21st February and Witchett Pool on 1st October.

At Penclacwydd. in the Millennium reedbed, one was seen on the 5th May. A bird was at Dinefwr Ponds on 30th August.

The first bird of the year was discovered at Pembrey Country Park Pond on 9th January, where it was filmed. It was almost certainly this one that was seen two days later in the same place. On 11th January also, one was observed clambering among reeds of a pond to the east of Machynys Pond. The last report concerned a bird at Penclacwydd on 23rd December.

Penclacwydd December 28th & 31st.

Penclacwydd January 1st – February 17th. Another there November 13th –27th when there were 2 until December 4th . One found dead at Gelliglyd, Pontantwn in February and another live bird Ashpits Pond in November.

Single Penclacwydd January 15th – March 15th, another Coed Bach, Kidwelly February 19th and up to 2 Penclacwydd November 15th – December 15th.

Two at Penclacwydd February 12th. Later in the year a single was present from October 24th until the end of the year.